MT400 CRANE   Made by Movie Tech AG

MT400 Remote MT400 Platform
MT400 Remote Version MT400 Platform Version
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There are two platform versions and five remote versions. Different configurations allow multi variations of arm reach and lens height. The systematic parts makes it possible to set up a different version in a very short time. Each segments are made extremely light , allowing the crane to be set up on the most critical locations, nevertheless offering safety and stability, goes on track width 0.62m (2ft.).   Photo Gallery »        more »

SUPER TECHNO CRANE   Made by Technocrane s.r.o.

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The sophisticated telescopic armed crane exclusively for remote heads easily allows various camera angles and tracking shots without laying tracks or changing configuration.
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NEW TECHNO CRANE   Made by Technocrane s.r.o.

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This New Techno Crane, features an easily removable telescopic arm allowing the crane to be set up in narrow and tight spaces whereas the conventional techno unable nevertheless offering the same advantages. Goes on track width 0.62m (2ft.)   more »

JIMMY JIB TRIANGLE   Made by Stanton Video Services inc.

Jimmy Jib
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The light weight and easy to carry jib offers seven different configurations. A cost efficient crane exclusively for remote heads.
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TULIP CRANE   Made by Egripment B.V.

Tulip Crane Tulip Super Sky
Tulip Crane Tulip Super Skymote Crane
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One of the most popular conventional crane in the industry. Well known for it’s simplicity and stability. It features a platform version and can also be converted to the Skymote and Super Skymote which are both remote head versions.   more »

SKY KING CRANE   Made by Egripment B.V.

Sky King Platform Version Sky King Remote Version

Sky King is a camera crane for 250kg maximum load. With a maximum platform height of 5.88 metres.   more »

MAXI JIB   Made by Egripment B.V.

Maxi Jib
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This light weight jib is assembled from very short segments and offers variety of configurations. Capable of carrying a full loaded 35mm camera it’s extremly portable and easy to set up. An ideal equipment for tight interiors or rigorous locations.   more »



We are also able to supply other equipment unlisted.